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Exceptional conference: What goes on in the mind of a buyer?

As a member of G2E(Grandes Ecoles Entrepreneurs), we are pleased to share with you XMP Entrepreneurs ' invitation to an exceptional conference on the theme:

"What goes on in the mind of a buyer: the motivating factors".

Monday April 29, 2024 from 6:15 pm to 8 pm

at the Maison des Polytechniciens
12, rue de Poitiers 75007 Paris (Salon Caroline Aigle - RDC droite)

or by Zoom* videoconference
*The connection link will be sent to registrants
a few hours before the start of the meeting

The meeting will be interactive, leaving plenty of time for questions from the audience, and will be followed by a friendly drink to allow exchanges between participants.


It's often said that taking over a company isn't just about "looking for a new job", but much more about "wanting to change the world".

But is it really?

We've invited a variety of audiences to come and debate this question during this exceptional evening, with the aim of exploring in greater depth all the ingredients that drive a candidate to take over a company to take the plunge: self-fulfillment, freedom from the constraints of a large group, the need to bounce back after a failure, the aspiration to work more to earn more, re-learning to see things "small", working "with real people"."There are many reasons for this, and they will take us into the emotional, psychological, financial and egotistical dimensions of the entrepreneurial act...

We have invited the following speakers to enliven the evening:

The speakers :

  • Eric Faivre d'Arcier and Céline Schricke, two would-be buyers looking for a business to take over;
  • Emmanuel Mignot and François Augu, both successful SME buyers in 2023 ;
  • Françoise Louvel, buyer advisor and founder of DISCERN PARTNERS, which has assisted dozens of buyers with their business takeover projects over the past 20 years;
  • Matthieu Langeard, entrepreneurial team coach, coach trainer and supervisor, founder of Entreprenance Institut.

Fees :

Free for XMP-Entrepreneur, Centrale-Supélec Repreneurs and Dauphine Repreneurs members

5€ for members of other Grande Ecole members of G2E

10€ for other interested colleagues


REGISTER now and come along to meet and exchange ideas with our guests,
at the Maison des Polytechniciens or by videoconference.

Monday 29th April 2024
18h15 - 20h00 (GMT +2)
Maison des Polytechniciens
12 Rue de Poitiers
75007 Paris

Maison des Polytechniciens

12 Rue de Poitiers
75007 Paris

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Monday 29th April 2024
18h15 - 20h00 (GMT +2)
Maison des Polytechniciens
12 Rue de Poitiers
75007 Paris
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