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Join the ESSCA Alumni association to benefit from its services, and keep the ESCCA spirit alive !


Graduate School program, Bachelor, Specialised Master, main curriculum, parallel admissions or continuing education, whichever curriculum , we all have something in common : « We did ESSCA »

Our professionnal or personnal paths afterwards are multiple, but its this shared part of our history that keeps us together after our studies. What we call « the ESSCA spirit ».

By joining the Alumni association duing your studies or afterwards, after settling in your life, you enable this spirit not only to perpetuate, but you also benefit from a large and ever-evolving offer of service :
- access to the directory
- to the market places
- to the Consulates
- to the job board
- to the good deals, etc.

You can choose to join « for life » , or yearly. Depending on your current situation and you choice of memebership, you benefit from  adjusted conditions.
NB : the subscription to the ESSCA Alumni network is akin to that of a professionnal network. As such, it can be supported by your company or employer if they accept.