The ESSCA Foundation

A foundation : why ?


ESSCA is and remains fully independent, this is uncommon in the higher education sector in France and even abroad. Its structure as an independent association under French law (loi 1901) has been retained since its creation. The structure allows ESSCA to manage itself prudently following the principles of due diligence. As such all its resources are allocated to and reinvested in the functioning and development of the School.

With little exposure to risks linked to regulatory changes or to the financial health of potential institutional partners, the fundamentals are excellent… so why set up a foundation?

To remain on top in the face of international competition

Whether a Foundation exists is one of the criteria of the higher education rankings (Financial Times, l’Etudiant, Le Figaro, etc. ) and accreditations. These rankings are essential elements for students and their parents in choosing a university or school. This is especially important for international students for whom ESSCA may not be as famed.

ESSCA is meeting the standard of other higher education institutions by creating this financial lever which is henceforth indispensable for any Management School. This was an important issue to address as quickly as possible.

To allow the School to retain its autonomy and independence

Infrastructures, research professors, research programs… Quality contemporary higher education requires increasingly greater financial resources.

These resources can come from higher tuition fees… which are already very high in most higher education institutions. The real risk of an increase in tuition fees is that rather than selecting students based on academic qualifications, we would see a selection simply based on the parents’ financial situation.

Generally speaking, this Business Model has its limits and we can start to see its consequences, in the anglosphere particularly.

To maintain the social ladder role that the School plays

Whether it comes from self-censorship or a real lack of funds, all the statistics show that students from modest socioeconomic backgrounds are five-time less likely to complete a higher education degree than students from wealthier backgrounds.

Very often high school pupils do not attempt to undertake admission exams because they believe they cannot afford to study in a Management School.

One of the aims of the foundation is to find and identify the high-potential students in priority neighbourhoods and, once they have passed the admission exams, to support them financially throughout their studies at ESSCA.

Making excellence accessible to all : a priority to endorse

By giving to the ESSCA Foundation, you will allow young people from all backgrounds to build the world of tomorrow.

And since the ESSCA Foundation is under the aegis of the ‘Fondation de France’ and recognised as being of public interest, your donations are tax-exempt:

  • 66% for income tax ('impôt sur le revenu’ - IRPP)
  • 75% for wealth tax on personal real estate assets (‘impôt sur la fortune immobilière’ - IFI)

If your business would like to support the ESSCA community : 

  • 60% for corporate tax (‘impôt sur les sociétés’ - IS)

If you would like to invest long-term in this cause, the ESSCA Foundation is authorised to receive donations, legacies, temporary abandonments or some usufructs, donations of bare ownership, etc.

To find out more, contact us: 

  • Patrick BOUILLET - Chief Executive -