An alumni network, what for ?

Because "l'ESSCA c'est pour la vie !"


The entry at ESSCA  ? The first day of the rest of our lives !

Going beyond just words, ESSCA Alumni is the network helping out all ESSCAs (graduates, students, school, parents). Its mission revolves around three axes :
- Strenghten the pride to belong to the school
- Develop the pleasure of gathering together by organising various festive events
- Offer services going to the extra mile for all our concerned publics


To strenghten the pride of being an Alumni, we put forward in all our newsletters the carreer paths of our Alumni, young graduates or older. These success stories can be mainstream, or more ‘out of the box’. This diversity of carreers is another display of the extent of the academic teachings.

Since 2018, we reward Alumni during the ESSCA Awards, in 4 categories : Grand Prize, International Carreer, Young Alumni of the Year, Unconventionnal Carreer.


Photo : Stanislas de Gastines, ESSCA Alumni's President until january 2022 at ESSCA Award's ceremony in september 2021.

©Vincent Nageotte

The winners of the 2021 edition

- Véronique Faujour (promo 1986) , Grand Prix, general secretary of Crédit Agricole (in white)

- Jean Charroin, Deean of Groupe ESSCA (blue tie)

- Stanislas de Gastines (promo 1995), ESSCA Alumni's President 

- Marine Lepicard (promo 1998), Special Jury Prize for Initiative ESSCA Alumni Transition (with Sandra Sydow, Clémence Blanc et Quentin Thomas)

- Philippe de Boërio (promo 1992), Prix Atypique, emergency doctor

- Marion Désert (promo 2016) , Prix Jeune Talent, co-founder of FairSpace Aménagement

©Vincent Nageotte


To develop the pleasure of getting together, we organise or join up 120 events per year. Afterworks, conferences, graduation reunions, many occasions to meet up by class or amongst almuni, to reminisce and create new memories, either personnal or professionnal.

Finally, a network only thrives if it offers attractive services. It is on this point that the network can showcase its potential. These services revolve around human relations, with an « employment » axis and a « training » axis, and business relations showing through a market place, a future investment fund, some ‘good deals’ available only for Alumni.