Get involved in a Club


Graduating from ESSCA is becoming part of ESSCA ALUMNI, an alumni community with over 18 000 members including 14 000 active members.

The best way to access the potential of these relationships is to join a club, it is a golden opportunity to develop your network, share best practices and enjoy social events with others.


The aims of a club : 

Bringing together graduates from all generations and all ESSCA courses.

Adding value to the ESSCA brand.

Developing a "Conviviality and Business" network.


3 main types of clubs :

The Geographical Club brings together the alumni of a region in France or abroad. 

Regional Clubs (around twenty in France) or International Clubs bring together the graduates by regions and by countries. They welcome newcomers and lead the community by organising meetings for members. They allow numerous graduates dispersed internationally to keep in touch with ESSCA Alumni and the School. Some areas are not yet covered despite the fact they are of undeniable interest and have economic potential... Why not have a go ? 

The Theme Club brings together alumni of one sector or industry around a specific job challenge or common interest: Entrepreneur Club, Finance Club, Retail Club, Real Estate Club, ESSCA Women Club, Positive Impact Club, Sports Club…




Find the full list of existing clubs HERE

If you wish to start or restart a club, get in touch with Delphine de Ghellinck :