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The members of the Executive Office are usually well-aware of the ins and outs of the association having completed several mandates. 

Becoming a member of the office means taking on additional commitments in the life of the association. These missions are more demanding and require availability because they include more prominent operational and public-facing components.

More specifically, each position covers the following commitments :

Vincent Harel (class of 2000) - President

Vincent is also the Chief Executive of Mercer France. 

He represents the Association in dealings with the School and at any event in line with the purposes of the organisation. 

He applies the decisions adopted by the Board. 

He authorises spending and he represents the Association in legal proceedings. 

The position of President includes two commitments as it also entails the representation of ESSCA Alumni on the school’s governing bodies (Executive Committee, the Board, General Meetings).

Sébastien Floc'h (class of 2000) - Vice-President



The Vice-President exercises, like the President, by delegation of the Board, the full breadth of powers the President possesses. He is also authorised to represent the Association on the school’s governing bodies.

Claire Bonassi (class of 2013) - Secretary-General


The Secretary-General is responsible for the correspondence of the Association and the proper care of the archives, as well as more broadly the administrative part and the maintenance of  the members’ register and its components. This position is of course largely supported day-to-day by the permanent members of staff of the Association.

Charles-André Lefeuvre (class of 2000) - Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring the proper maintenance of the accounts and prepares the income statement and the balance sheet presented at the annual General Meetings where he reports on his mission and asks to be granted full discharge. He prepares the budgets presented at the annual General Meetings. 

He manages the financial assets of the Association. 

He carries out the investments, purchases, sales of shares or securities and all moveable assets in accordance with the Committee’s policy and by delegation of the President. 

The Treasurer and the President are the only two people authorised to incur spending for the Association’s account.

In this position also, for day-to-day management, the Treasurer relies on the operational teams in the context of formalised delegations and robust internal control processes.