The Executive Committee

The Association's executive committee


Chosen by the board of directors amongst its members (with the exception of some conflict of interests : hierarchcal or economic links, for example), the Executive committee is consisted of 4 to 5 people : a President, a Vice-President, a General Secretary, a Treasurer and potentially more persons, as permanent or temporary guests.
The Executive Committee manages the employed operationnal team and the enforcement of the strategical directions. The association relies on its 5 members team, for the day to day operations, with face to face or remote meetings planned periodically.

Vincent Harel


(promo 2000)

President of MERCER France 

Sébastien Floc'h


(promo 2000)

General Director at SILL ENTREPRISES 

Claire Bonassi

General Secretary

(promo 2013)  

financial controller at TERRENA

Charles-André Lefeuvre


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Partner at BECOUZE

Permanent guest members of the Executive Comittee :  

Cédric Brignon

(promo 2001) 

Vice President - Studio Finance EMEA at Netflix

Stanislas de Gastines

(promo 1995) 

Partner at EY