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    1. Thursday 25 april at 13:00
      Apec Webinar: Finding an internship or job abroad

      Finding an internship or a job abroad: identify the factors for success in this process and know where to get information. 📆 Thursday, April 25, 2024⌚ 1pm to 2pm📍 Online Free on...

    2. Monday 29 april at 18:15
      Exceptional conference: What goes on in the mind of a buyer?

      As a member of G2E(Grandes Ecoles Entrepreneurs), we are pleased to share with you XMP Entrepreneurs ' invitation to an exceptional conference on the theme: "What goes on in the...

    3. Thursday 16 may at 12:30
      Webinar: "Living better with emotions and hypersensitivity

      Understand the personality of hypersensitive people and how it is perceived by others. How to turn your hypersensitivity into a strength for your personal and professional life....

    4. Thursday 16 may at 13:00
      Apec Webinar: Diagnosing your skills

      Diagnose your skills: acquire a method and a model to identify your skills, and distinguish between knowledge, soft skills and know-how. Demonstrate the transferability of skills....

    5. Thursday 23 may at 12:30
      Webinar "Creating LinkedIn content with ChatGPT, a false good idea?"

      AI arrived over a year ago now, and with it a new way of animating your social networks. And in particular, we can say that AIs can now take charge of content creation, that...

    6. Tuesday 04 june at 18:00
      Visit to the National Assembly

      As part of the Culture and Heritage Club and the Paris Club, ESSCA ALUMNI offers you a guided tour of the French National Assembly! We'll be greeted by Philippe BOLO, MP for...

    7. Thursday 06 june at 13:00
      Apec Webinar: Making yourself visible through social networks

      Make yourself visible through social networks: make your profile visible on social networks, expand your network and get contacted. 📆 Thursday, May 16, 2024⌚ 1pm to 2pm📍 Online...

    8. Thursday 06 june at 18:30
      Visit to the APIMANI factory

      We look forward to seeing you: 📆 SaturdayThursday, June 06 , 6:30 p.m. 📍 Le Plessis-Grammoire

    9. Wednesday 12 june at 19:00
      ESSCA AWARDS 2024

      The 7th ESSCA Awards are launched! After last year's event at the Maison de l'Amérique Latine, this year we welcome you to the sumptuous salons of theHôtel Potocki, headquarters...

    10. Friday 14 june at 19:00
      Promo 97 Summer afterwork

      Since our anniversary party in November, seasonal afterworks have been proposed on FB. We look forward to seeing even more of you there. The next afterwork will be held : 📆Friday,...

    11. Tuesday 25 june at 12:30
      Webinar "What if you dared to trust your intuition?