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AVARAP: Paris / Île-de-France information meeting

AVARAP is an association set up in 1984 to help job-seeking and working executives build a new career plan.

AVARAP's mission: To help job-seeking and working executives build a new careerplan.

✅ Inline with their skills and tastes
✅ Realistic in relation to the market
Guaranteeing thema lasting return to employment or successful mobility

Change career direction and look for a job, with AVARAP, the springboard to go higher and further!

This association is present in Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Aix Marseille, Nice, Lyon, Rouen and Lille.

Are you an executive looking for a job or already employed?
Are you looking to reorient your career?

Join anAVARAP PARIS groupto achieve this goal. Each participant is integrated into a carefully balanced group of 12 to 15 people, as diversity in the composition of the groups is an essential component of their effectiveness. The group, which meets forthree hours every week for six to seven months, is led by a sponsor.

Each participant works on:
👉Carry out an in-depth assessment of their skills,
👉Build a professional project adapted to their skills, tastes and the market,
👉 Define and implement an action plan that leads to an active search.

Individual work andworkshop exercises are added to the weekly group meetings. The AVARAP method is based on abehavioral and systemic approach .

AVARAP organizes Information Meetings which present in detail the key elements of the AVARAP approach: values, method and constraints. Following these information meetings, AVARAP groups are set up and start meeting the following week. They are offered either face-to-face or remotely.

📌 Participation in information meetings is free of charge and without obligation: Application Paris
Candidates will be called beforehand by a volunteer for a short telephone interview. Come and benefit from AVARAP's tried and tested approach!

More information on meetings in Île-de-France

Monday 11th September 2023
18h00 - 19h30 (GMT +2)
Online event

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Monday 11th September 2023
18h00 - 19h30 (GMT +2)
Online event
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