Graduating from ESSCA in 2016, Camille is a mental trainer and coach specializing in coaching entrepreneurs. After several years supporting startups in incubators and investment funds (+150 startups supported), Camille trained in mental preparation, coaching and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

Her mission: to help entrepreneurs identify the best internal resources that will enable them to move mountains.

Just as a top-level athlete prepares for competitions, so too can an entrepreneur anticipate and prepare for the various challenges he or she encounters!

Camille's methodology:

is orchestrated around 3 axes:

1) A better connection to oneself

2) A better connection to your environment (family, colleagues, friends...)

3) A better connection to your ambitions and dreams

The combination of coaching, mental preparation and NLP will enable the entrepreneur to :

- Gain perspective on themselves and the situation through the power of questioning

- Experiment with and integrate mental preparation tools (mental imagery, optimized breathing, etc.) into their daily lives.

- Work on success models using NLP

More specifically, Camille can intervene on topics such as :

  • Stress: how to make it an ally rather than an enemy?
  • Rediscovering meaning and motivation in your daily life as an entrepreneur
  • Anticipating and preparing for a speech with mental preparation
  • How do performance routines lead to success?
  • How to manage the emotional elevator as an entrepreneur?
  • Entrepreneurship and sleep: how to recover effectively?

Camille also hosts a program on mindset on the FrenchDoers media channel for entrepreneurs.