"Hello, my name is Maud, Esscaïenne (class of 2007) and certified professional coach (state-approved diploma).


At the age of 23, I left my end-of-studies internship and set off for 1 year to discover the world, alone and without the slightest digital object (the era of Cyber cafés and paper travel guides!).

Then, for the next ten years or so, I discovered the professional world, the challenges and issues facing small and medium-sized businesses and large groups in a variety of sectors (agri-food, communications agencies, sports, nutrition, retail, etc.), with one guiding principle: the desire to create and innovate new jobs.

Then, I embarked on my entrepreneurial adventure with a photo album start-up, 3 years rich in learning that enabled me to become an expert in digital growth.

I was lucky enough to have been immersed in the world of coaching and personal development from the cradle (my mother being one of France's 1st female coaches and trainers), and the desire to make it my profession became stronger and stronger, so I decided to go professional and set up my own practice. Today, I support executives, managers and entrepreneurs in their professional and personal development.

My customers appreciate my willingness to listen, my positive energy, my ability to gain perspective and my ability to make complex and confusing situations simple.

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What I bring to the table as a coach

  • Support you in developing your entrepreneurial posture
  • Refocus you on your goals and align them with your values
  • Give you a clear vision of what you want to achieve
  • Gain perspective on your day-to-day life
  • Discover and understand your mechanisms and operating modes
  • Help you find solutions to problem situations

Examples of themes

  • Managing STRESS and developing LETTING GO
  • Strengthen your SELF-CONFIDENCE
  • BALANCING your personal and professional life
  • DEVELOP your corporate culture
  • ADAPT YOUR COMMUNICATION to your colleagues
  • Accept your ENTREPRENEURIAL POSTURE (socially, emotionally)
  • What I bring to the table as a sales/digital expert

    Help in the ideation phase:

  • Work on your Model Canvas
  • Build your experimentation/prototype phase
  • Identify your persona
  • Launch your MVP

Accelerate the growth of your start-up :

  • Build your digital strategy (brand platform, editorial line...)
  • Rework your business model (new growth levers, etc.)
  • Improve your Funnel Marketing (360° view of your digital acquisition process)
  • Implement a growth marketing strategy
  • Work on your Inbound marketing strategy
  • Maximize profitability (internal process optimization, KPIs)

Maud Lefebvre


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