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What communication tools can you use to develop your business?

18 December 2023 Business life of graduates
Published by Patrick BOUILLET
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For any entrepreneur, standing out from the crowd of omniscient information is a major challenge, and standing out from the crowd becomes a daily challenge. The key to success undeniably lies in the communication strategy adopted. Indeed, it's not so much the product/service you offer that will touch consumers more than any other, but the story and added value you create around your offering.

Public relations

The definition of public relations is still a little unclear to some, but it's essential to a comprehensive, high-quality communications strategy. Public relations (or public relations, as they're both called!) encompass all the essential means of maintaining a positive brand image. This means focusing on the brand's history and values, rather than on its products and services.

Public relations targets are many and varied: prospects, customers, employees, institutions, boards of directors, any organization or stakeholder likely to have an opinion about the company or brand.

There are various ways of communicating with customers, such as a targeted communication campaign, a consumer event or activation, crisis communication, lobbying, a CSR or employer brand strategy...

Press relations

Often mistakenly associated with public relations, press relations focus on a single stakeholder: the media. PR professionals are responsible for a wide range of tasks, from writing and sending press kits and releases, to organizing interviews, events and press conferences.

The implementation of a PR strategy has two main objectives:

  • Ensure the brand's visibility in the media, which are selected according to the desired target and the company's sector;

  • Maintain a good relationship with journalists, so that they promote the brand in their media and ensure positive media coverage.

Numerous communication levers can be envisaged: broadcasting of corporate news, newsjacking (rebounding on sector news), tribunes, communication of study results...


Influence is a new communications channel that is undergoing a number of changes, not least in its legal framework. Often supervised by an agency, it brings together the brand and content creators, with the aim of promoting products or services to their community. This collaboration involves selecting influencers in line with the company's values, making contact, drawing up the contract, coordinating content, communicating between the two parties and even building advertising campaigns as brand ambassadors.

Using the voice of these opinion leaders enables the brand to directly reach targeted communities who trust the word of the content creator.

Social networks

Last but not least, a must-have for every communications strategy: social networks. Whether in paid (ads, SEA...), owned (brand social networks, blog...) or earned (e-reputation) formats, the implementation of a strategy must be coherent with the brand's objectives and target.

Competition on social platforms is fierce. So it's vital to put in place a strategy that's consistent with the brand's objectives and target audience: in other words, an action plan that determines the graphic and editorial choices for shared content, in line with the codes of the social network, as well as the policy pursued in terms of advertising content.

Morgane Plantroux (class of 2007)

I graduated from ESSCA's Audit and Expertise specialization in 2007.

I began my career as a young professional in the Paris region, while at the same time completing a Master 2 in European Union Law.

I then moved to Hachette Livre's legal department, before resuming my career in the world of finance, in France and Canada, where I settled in 2013.

After 12 years' experience as an accountant and management controller, I felt the need to align my professional career with what drives me every day: social interaction, creativity and writing.

I return to school for the third time, graduating in Communications and Public Relations from McGill University in Montreal.

The pan-Canadian public relations agency Elevator Inc. has entrusted me with the management of a client portfolio worth over one million Canadian dollars, and a team of a dozen collaborators based in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

After nearly 9 years as an expatriate, I continued my career in France and founded Sésame RP, a communications and public relations agency in 2022, and joined the Impulse Communication France franchise, a specialist in press relations, by setting up the Lyon office.

Director of Sesame PR and Impulse Communication Lyon

Media relations consultant

Telephone: 07 80 93 09 05

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