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Three promo anniversaries in November!

18 December 2023 Prom birthdays
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November 2023 was marked by anniversaries and reunions for the classes of 1993, 1997 (30 years of entry) and 2003!

A Parisian evening on a barge for some, a weekend in Angers for others!

Another fine illustration of the ESSCA spirit that is so strong at this school. Lots of joy, lots of nostalgia, everything changes, nothing changes... !

For promos in 4, 2024 is waiting for you! Don't hesitate to contact Delphine de Ghellinck:

Class of 1997 Class of 2003

Tim Guillois (class of 2003) sums up the spirit of these magical moments.

"Last Saturday evening, we celebrated this important moment with all the classmates who wanted to be there.

Vietnam, China, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and of course the four corners of France...the alumni really came out to be present.

It has to be said that we spent perhaps the best years of our lives together in Angers and Paris, starting 25 years ago with our "integration week".

We came out of this school with something special in common: audacity, humor, ambition, resourcefulness, strong human values... what I'd call Essca culture, without ever really having taken the time to study it. It's in us, that's how it is, and that's fine!

Saturday was a great human moment, with lots of joy, laughter and a great party, as we knew how to do back then 😅

Essca is for life!"

The class of 1993 in Angers

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