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Organizational agility: a few keys to understanding today's essential business practice

15 March 2024 On the Research side
Published by Patrick BOUILLET
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Author : Elodie Jouny-Rivier, marketing professor at ESSCA

This article was originally published by Survey-Magazine : Chroniques "Les bonnes pratiques de la co-création" by Elodie Jouny-Rivier.

Organizational agility is a concept that is now firmly entrenched in the practices of many organizations, and proposed in numerous training programs. A recent McKinsey study shows that agile companies are 30% more profitable than non-agile companies.

What does agile actually mean for an organization? What tools and techniques can be associated with it? We take a closer look at this practice with the eyes of two experts, Diana Jimenez and Jean-Sébastien Lacam.

Organizational agility is an increasingly popular concept in organizations, even though it was first put forward by numerous researchers over 30 years ago. In an increasingly uncertain market context, it is constantly being renewed and transformed.

It is precisely in order to overcome this difficult economic environment marked by rapid change, strong uncertainty and hyper-competitiveness that the company must find ways to seize the opportunities offered to it, in particular by developing its ability to react.

As Jean-Sébastien Lacam, teacher-researcher in strategy and management at ESSCA, explains:

Agility "is the organization's new ability to accurately anticipate all changes and evolve, to transform itself in a coordinated way to achieve its new objectives and to perform, but this is done with the stakeholders, the employees, who will play an essential role ".

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