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New MSc programs: sponsorship operation

15 March 2024 School life
Published by Patrick BOUILLET
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As announced in our November newsletter, ESSCA has launched a new Masters of Sciences Portfolio.

Discover also their presentation by the MSc Programs Director: Yann Truong :

Sponsor our future students

As alumni, you know the ESSCA community better than anyone, and you're in the best position to talk about it and help us enrich it by recommending potential students.

For the start of the 2024 academic year, ESSCA has launched a brand new Master of Science portfolio and is offering a 10% bonus to any applicant who comes with a recommendation from you.


All you have to do when you apply is tell us that you heard about ESSCA through an alumni, and add a letter of recommendation to your application.

There is no reference limit, and a candidate can apply regardless of nationality. Once admitted, they will be eligible for the 10% bonus.

Application deadline 06/30/2024.

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