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JE ESSCA unveils its strategy for its new mandate

18 January 2024 Student projects
Published by Patrick BOUILLET
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ESSCA is proud to have one of the oldest Junior Entreprise in France, as demonstrated by the association's fiftieth anniversary in December. And it's one of the oldest and most successful, ranking among the top 5 French JEs.

Its new president, Clémence Dubillot (currently in her 1st year of a Master's program in Lyon) reveals the strategy of her brand-new mandate

This year, we would like to focus the strategy of our mandate on 4 main issues:

  1. Contribute to the professional integration and skills development of our school's students

For 2024, we plan to strengthen students' skills through specialized workshops and interactive seminars, led by recognized professionals.

Emphasis will be placed on market analysis and project management skills, essential for consulting.

In addition, a mentoring program between old and new members will be set up to promote ongoing knowledge exchange and better integration within the team.

  1. Contribute to ESSCA's reputation

We aim to expand ESSCA's network by establishing partnerships with local and regional companies.

These collaborations will result in concrete projects, offering students opportunities to work on market research and strategic analysis.

At the same time, we will be organizing networking events with alumni and professionals to strengthen the links between our members and the world of work.

  1. Guarantee the quality of our customer support

This year, we want to emphasize the personalization of our customer services.

This will include the introduction of a consultative approach based on active listening and in-depth analysis of customer needs.

Monitoring tools and performance indicators will be used to assess the effectiveness of our interventions and adapt our methodologies accordingly.

  1. To have a positive impact on all our stakeholders through a proactive approach to project creation.

Our vision for 2024 is to launch projects focused on sustainability and social innovation. We envisage collaborations with NGOs and startups, where students can apply their project management skills to help these organizations maximize their social impact. In addition, internal initiatives promoting environmental sustainability within ESSCA will also be developed.

As we are determined to continue the collaboration between ESSCA Junior Conseil and you, we will keep you regularly informed of our Junior Entreprise's activities through regular newsletters.

That's why I'll be coming back to you in the coming weeks to present our projects for the year, so that we can identify synergies and areas for collaboration.

I also invite you to follow us on our social networks, where we regularly publish our progress.

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