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Foundation: first achievements and call for donations before December 31

15 November 2023 Life of the association
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Your donations have made a difference!

The 2021/2022 fundraising campaign enabled us to devote €80, 000 to financing various projects. Our special thanks go to Clément Gutzwiller (89) who, with a donation of €20,000, is our first major donor. His main wish, after funding scholarships of course, is that his gesture will trigger other major donor vocations among our alumni... but all donations are welcome: So get cracking!

This year we distributed :

  • 8 €2,000 scholarships for "Crous" students identified with the school via the social watch committee. (see testimonials at the end of this article)
  • 2 excellence scholarships awarded in the spring to the top 2 students in the 4th year core curriculum.
  • 3 pedagogical innovation projects (€3,000 and 2 times €1,000)

The remaining funds will be used to distribute new scholarships and support the school in the renovation/creation of new structures (new campuses in Aix and Bordeaux, new campus in Malaga, refurbishment of the Angers and Paris campuses).

See testimonial at the bottom of this article.

Let's amplify the movement before the end of the year!

The end of the year is the right time to make a difference. Include the ESSCA Foundation in your charitable activities.

Indeed, higher education is expensive, and despite its associative structure, which allows 100% of revenues to be devoted to the educational project, international competition means that we need to attract the best teaching talent. And this talent comes at a price!

To enable the ESSCA brand to continue to grow for the benefit of all (students and alumni), while preserving the school's humanist and inclusive vocation, the ESSCA Foundation hopes to increase by a factor of 2 the current budget (€750,000/year) dedicated by the school to scholarships and excellence grants.

The first step in this ambitious goal is to finance 8 full years of schooling, i.e. €100,000.

Take action today!

By choosing the ESSCA Foundation, you make it possible for deserving students with limited financial means to attend ESSCA.

Your social commitment is then real, and all your gifts, bequests and donations benefit from tax deductions of up to 75% of your donation.

If you, too, would like to give back to the School what it has given you, you can make your donation directly on the Fondation de France page dedicated to us, and freely indicate the object you wish to support, by following the link below:

IMPORTANT: your donation is tax-deductible...

  • - 75% of your real estate wealth tax (IFI)
    • 100€ donated will only cost you 25€,
    • 400 € donated will only cost you 100 €,
    • 1,000 will cost you just €250
  • - 66% of your income tax (IRPP):
    • 75 € paid will only cost you 25 €,
    • 300 will cost you only €100,
    • 900 € paid will only cost you 300€.
  • - 60% of your corporation tax (IS):
    • 1,000 € paid will only cost you 400 €,
    • 5,000 will cost you only €2,000,
    • 20,000 will only cost you €8,000.


Editor's note: Robin M. (5A) was selected by the Executive Committee for the ESSCA Foundation scholarship program. Robin's remarkable career path, and in particular the fact that he was selected by Cambridge, appealed to the jury, who wanted to send out a strong signal: "Be excellent, we'll be by your side to support you during your studies, in France or on the other side of the world".

"Since I was very young, I've always loved discovering the world, thanks to my parents who gave me the chance to travel. My first long experience of life abroad was in China during a gap year after my A-levels, to immerse myself in a new culture and learn Mandarin.

This unique experience immediately broadened my horizons from the age of 18, both in terms of unique encounters and my future desires:
I wanted to build an international career.

I then turned to ESSCA, a renowned post-baccalaureate business school that I knew would offer me new opportunities to go abroad to develop my career plan.

And it didn't fail: during my third year in 2021, I was able to take part in an academic exchange program in Cambridge, England. The very large list of ESSCA's partner universities made me hesitate for a long time about the destination of this exchange, but academic excellence and my desire to discover British culture led me to this choice.

This semester was a personal turning point: I was able to perfect my English and meet fascinating people from all over the world.

It was on my return that I learned I had been awarded a scholarship from the ESSCA Foundation, generously funded by the school's Alumnis community. This wonderful news enabled me to plan a new experience I'd always dreamed of: going to Australia during my first year of the Master's program, to take courses at a partner university (University of Wollongong).
(University of Wollongong) as part of my specialization in Finance, and then stay in the country for the summer
to work in the country.

This opportunity would not have been possible without the grant made possible by our donors.

My ambition now is to capitalize on this opportunity to make professional contacts in Australia, with the aim of landing my first job in the Asia-Pacific region when I finish my Master 2 in Financial Management at ESSCA".

Editor's note: Gautier V.'s application (4/5A gap year) was selected by the Executive Committee as part of the excellence grants awarded by the ESSCA Foundation. He came second in the 4A core curriculum. The Foundation wishes to encourage excellence by rewarding the valedictorian(s) of each graduating class next year.

After spending my schooling and baccalaureate in Brest, I joined ESSCA in 2018, first in Angers for my first 3 years following the English course, then in Paris where I joined the "Banking & Financial Engineering" master's program.

At ESSCA, I was able to discover the world of business through the varied curriculum offered, the various internship experiences and by joining the ESSCA Junior Conseil Junior-Entreprise, where I was treasurer for 1 year.

All these experiences motivated me to choose a Master's degree in Finance, and more specifically a major in Corporate Finance. Currently in my gap year, I joined the Bel Group for a 6-month internship as an M&A analyst, and I'll be continuing in this vein with another 6-month internship at June Partners, also as an M&A analyst.

At the end of my 4th year, which was intense in terms of courses and projects, I learned that I had been awarded a scholarship for excellence in recognition of my academic achievements. I'm proud and honored to have received this scholarship, which will help me at the beginning of my professional life.

I'd like to extend my warmest thanks to my 4th year teachers for their teaching skills and for encouraging me to excel, as well as to the foundation donors who enable certain students to receive invaluable financial support for their studies.

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