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ESSCA Awards 2021: the success of maturity!

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For this 4th edition, the one of maturity, we wanted to make a big splash by choosing one of the most prestigious venues in Paris as the setting for our ESSCA Awards: the Hôtel Potocki - headquarters of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, close to the Arc de Triomphe.

And in the unanimous opinion of the participants, this edition was a real success (the satisfaction survey gave us almost "Stalinian" positive scores, much to the delight of the organizing team!) A very positive sonar that may well inspire even more ESSCA students to join us in 2022.

First of all, the setting. The entrance via the grand staircase immediately positioned the event under the sign of the prestige that ESSCA can objectively claim.

The configuration of the different rooms was perfectly suited to their purpose:

Paris : Venez découvrir l'hôtel Potocki, siège de la Chambre de commerce -  Le Parisien

The chandelier room for the ceremony

The Brass Room for cocktails and a breathtaking diabolo performance by Nicolas Pirès (08).

The large garden for convivial exchanges that continued late into the night.

And the acoustics of the venue allowed Mickaël Bougon (97) to showcase his talents as a saxophonist.

Unprecedented attendance

With 300 registrants, we "played for the first time since the event was launched 3 years ago.

Traditionally, traffic conditions in the Paris region and/or last-minute professional or personal obligations deprive us statistically of 50% of registrants. This year, however, with almost 250 participants, you proved the mathematics wrong... and thank you.

By the way, for future events, if for any reason you can't honor your registration, don 't forget to unsubscribe or let us know by e-mail, so that others can take advantage of the opportunity, or so that the association doesn't incur unnecessary catering costs.

The 2021 prize list

With nearly 1000 voters, you have chosen the 2021 prize list:

Grand Prize: Véronique Faujour (86) - General Secretary of Crédit Agricole SA

International Award: Guillaume Leprince (93) - DG Airbus Helicopters Japan

Young Talent Award: Marion Désert (16) - Founder of FairSpace Aménagements

Atypical Award: Philippe de Boërio (92) : Emergency doctor, Samu 78-92

Jury's Special Prize : ESSCA Transition, an initiative led by 8 alumni working in the field of CSR.

You'll find all the awards in the articles dedicated to them.

Missed the Awards? Relive the complete film of the ceremony on our youtube channel.

You'll also find interviews with the winners in dedicated sequences.

And for photos of the evening, you'll find them in the portfolio below.

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