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Communicate simply on your social and environmental actions.

12 October 2023 Offers
Published by Patrick BOUILLET
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Jean-François Moruzzi

Journalist and editor, 30 years' experience in the media, in the field and in management positions.


Marc-Philippe Dubreuil (85)

More than 25 years in the press and media world in title management, marketing and innovation roles.

Keeping your partners, current and future employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders informed about your CSR actions has become essential. Whether or not you are already subject to a declaration of extra-financial performance (and tomorrow to an ESG report), your compliance obligations will only increase in the years to come.

Before defining a real CSR strategy, let us help you draw up a "Social and Green Paper", highlighting your commitments and listing the initiatives already implemented by your company.

This high-impact physical and/or digital document illustrates your achievements, your employees' commitments and your values, in a less rigid, regulatory format than a report. It's an effective and useful communication tool, which can also prepare your teams for the next regulatory steps.

A CSR expert can help you bring together all the initiatives you've taken, whether consciously or intuitively, and put them into perspective with your commitments.

An editorial board works with you to define the form the document will take, which is then produced by a journalist/graphic designer/developer team.

An opportunity offered by Scoopitone, an editorial agency founded by
Marc-Philippe Dubreuil (class of '85).


Tel: 06 84 33 00 51

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