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17 January 2024 Portrait of graduates
Published by Patrick BOUILLET
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For more than 20 years, city center retailing has been in steady decline. However, it would seem that this is not inevitable, since under the aegis of our fellow city manager Frédéric Marquet (class of 97), Mulhouse's city center is rising like a phoenix from its ashes.

A strong dynamic set in motion in 2011 that will be confirmed in 2023, making it almost an exception in France.

Frédéric tells us more...

The work undertaken in recent years for Mulhouse's city-center business continues to set the standard.
The "Town Center Manager of the Year 2023" award recognizes the actions undertaken since 2011 (see article below).

Despite a very difficult national context, Mulhouse has opened 640 new stores, with a rate of 2 openings for every 1 closure in the city center since 2011, and a drop in vacancies of over 50%, despite the fact that the city center was the worst affected in France in 2011 (over 100 commercial wastelands in the city center).

A little optimism for 2024! Anything is possible, and Mulhouse is proving it!

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