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Claritee: the headhunting duo

18 December 2023 Business life of graduates
Published by Patrick BOUILLET
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Claritee in a nutshell.

Company founded by two headhunters specializing in the recruitment of IT profiles.

What sets us apart is our collaborative approach: working in pairs.

For each position, we pool our skills and networks to broaden our scope of action.

This dual approach to each situation has a positive impact on our results. After several successful experiences in recruitment agencies, we have created our own headhunting methodology with a defined positioning in the IT ecosystem, and our figures reinforce our credibility.

Faustine et Erwan has helped over 100 companies with their IT recruitment needs, placed over 200 executives and built up a network of 15,000 tech candidates.

Our IT specializations

  1. IT infrastructure: Cloud solutions (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), System, Network, Virtualization, Storage, Backup, DevOps/SRE trend

  2. SAP ERP: recruitment on all SAP modules

  3. . Salesforce CRM: recruitment for the entire tool.

  4. Industry 4.0 / Data/ BI: recruitment in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Data / BI, IoT

  5. Security / Cybersecurity: recruitment across the full range of issues involved

The Claritee approach: our 4 key advantages

  1. Dual expertise: collective intelligence as a working force The complementarity of our skills ensures a dual vision for each position, guaranteeing a deep understanding of our customers' expectations and better performance.

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