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26 March 2019
Aurore DOMANGE (2005)

Appointments - Marketing and Communications Director, Cegedim e-business

Aurore Domange has been appointed marketing and communications director for Cegedim e-business, in this position since September 2018. She reports directly to Benoît Garibal, CEO of Cegedim e-business and outsourcing.
Aurore Domange, ESSCA (2005), has completed the following career path:
* 2017-2018: Edenred, lead factory manager.
* 2012-2017: Edenred, SME market manager.
* 2008-2012: Edenred, Partnership Development Manager.
* 2006-2008: Edenred, Sales Manager.

Company information (revised 18-03-2019) Founded in 1969, Cegedim is a global technology and services company specializing in the healthcare sector. Cegedim offers services, IT tools, specialized software, workflow and database management services. Its offerings are aimed in particular at the healthcare industry, pharmaceutical laboratories, healthcare professionals and insurance companies.

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