Coaching Entrepreneurs

NEW : Entrepreneur Coaching by ESSCA Alumni



Following the same principles as Coaching by ESSCA Alumni, a targeted coaching service for entrepreneurs seemed like a valuable addition to our services. Indeed, whether young or not-so-young, starting a business, carrying out a project, can be a source of anxiety and doubt. A critical eye could be the solution to help you find the answers you need or simply to break away from the business owner’s loneliness that many of you are facing.

ESSCA Alumni helps co-finance sessions up to a maximum of 5 sessions

Coaches from our Alumni community have agreed to charge very low fees and we thank them sincerely !

The remaining amount for alumni :

60 € per session for contributing members (for a total of 300 € for 5 sessions, ESSCA Alumni covers a part of the coach’s fee)

120€ per session for non-contributors (for a total of 600€ for 5 sessions)

 Coaching sessions can happen in person or on Skype.

To take advantage of this opportunity :

1. read the biographies of our coaches below to “choose” the one that would be best suited for you.

2. contact us to receive our agreement to cover the cost.

3. once you receive our agreement, get in touch with your coach to schedule your sessions.

Maud Lefebvre

Promo 2007

Based in Marseille 

Maud combines personal development and her contribution as a commercial/digital expert. 

Remote coaching possible

Camille Buss

Promo 2016

Based in Paris 

Camille combines coaching, mental preparation and PNL.

Thomas Cavaillon

- Pre-transaction strategic support

- Fund raising support