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Getting on the Board


Like other associations, ESSCA Alumni is governed by a Board. In 2019, it consisted of 20 active members elected by the General Assembly and Philippe Marchand - Secretary General of the School representing ESSCA. (ESSCA Alumni's Board)






Its mission is twofold.

The Board defines the broad priorities of the organisation and monitors their application, it ensures the proper management of the organisation and the good use of funds that are entrusted to ESSCA Alumni. The Board summons the General Meetings and elects an Executive Committee in charge of everyday management.


Its mission goes further.

As a founding member of ESSCA, the organisation is on ESSCA’s Executive Committee (which is composed of 5 members) and it is largely represented on ESSCA’s Board, with voting rights. Consequently, through its designated representatives, ESSCA Alumni’s mission expands to include participating in shaping the broad priorities of the school and even partaking in some academic aspects within mixed School/Alumni committees that are being set up progressively.

Thanks to this specific structure, the School/Alumni synergy goes beyond words to uphold ESSCA’s values of excellence and altruism.



Only active members (up to date with their membership fees) can apply to be on the Ordinary General Assembly. Board Members are elected for three years, and one-third of the Board is renewed annually.

Recognising that voluntary participation has to fit into an already busy professional schedule, the organisation has a team of permanent members of staff who deal with the operational tasks on behalf of the Board Members. However, taking part in the 3 or 4 annual Board Meetings is an essential commitment to the mission.

Depending on the school’s or the organisation’s current needs, Board Members could also be asked to represent the Alumni during open days, selection committees for bursaries that ESSCA Alumni offers (entrepreneurship, community,...), mixed School/Alumni commissions or testimonies (press, audit, website, etc.).



Those who want to go the extra mile to help our mission will have the opportunity to take on a renewable one-year mandate in one of the positions offered by the Executive Committee (President, Vice-President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, or other positions of the Board).

Please note that the President of ESSCA Alumni is the representative of the organisation within the School’s Executive Committee.

If you wish to join the Board of ESSCA Alumni, please get in touch with Patrick Bouillet, its Chief Executive.


     Patrick Bouillet, Chief Executive of ESSCA Alumni - -