Register for the next ESSCA Awards, launch new clubs and more new workshops for the community

Hello everyone!

5th Newsletter of the year and registration opens for the ESSCA Awards on September 15.

This week, two portraits of club leaders (Digital and Investors) to accompany the news of club events.

Also discover this project on the importance of music in learning, which echoes a new workshop on this theme offered by the association.

A reminder in the form of a mini-film about the apprenticeship tax: it's the final stretch to make your support for the school directly on the website.

And still on the subject of ESSCA, we are pleased to relay its latest newsletter.

Last but not least, check out the packed program of alumni workshops and events for May 2021.

Happy reading!

ESSCA is for life!

Patrick Bouillet (87)

Managing Director
ESSCA Alumni

Life of the association
Wednesday 15 September

Register for the 4th ESSCA Awards 2021!

This year, we'll be welcoming you to the sumptuous salons of theHôtel Potocki, headquarters of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

During the...

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School life
Les toutes dernières nouvelles de l'école - NL avril 2021

Découvrez en lien les dernières actualités de l'école. 


Cette newsletter est l'occasion de revenir sur les avancées majeures qu'a réalisées l'école depuis 2 ans et un premier point d'étape sur le...

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Taxe d'apprentissage 2021 : dernière ligne droite !

Nous vous faisons parvenir un message important de l’ESSCA, relatif à son financement possible via la taxe d’apprentissage.

Pour en savoir plus, nous vous invitons à prendre connaissance de cette...

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La musique s'invite dans la pédagogie

L'innovation pédagogique est un des éléments de différentiation par rapport à d'autres établissements. Déjà très en pointe sur la bascule digitale de l'enseignement, l'Institut de Pédagogie Avancée a...

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ESSCA Solidarity
ESSCA Alumni soutient le projet de deux étudiants bordelais

En route pour la transition énergétique ! 

Dans le cadre de la Bourse Associative, ESSCA Alumni est heureux de soutenir le projet de deux étudiants Bordelais de 22 ans, Oscar Millet et Alban de Saint...

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Graduate Profile
Rencontre avec François Even (Promo 2004) pour le lancement du Club Investisseurs !

Nous avons rencontré François Even (Promo 2004), Directeur de participations chez Arkea Capital, à l’occasion du lancement du nouveau Club Investisseurs ! Découvrez l'interview vidéo ou poursuivez...

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Focus Club Digital : rencontre avec Marc-Philippe Dubreuil (Promo 1985) et Louisa Mesnard (Promo 2014)

Nous avons rencontré Marc-Philippe Dubreuil (Scoopitone - Promo 1985) et Louisa Mesnard (Elaia Partners - Promo 2014), pour une interview croisée dans le cadre du Club digital !

Deux ESSCA qui...

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Workshops of the month
Thursday 06 May
Webinar "The writing approach to change

Essca au Féminin invites you to a Webinar on the theme of personal and professional development.

How to cope with change?

The writing approach to change.

Change is part of our lives. How many of us...

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Tuesday 11 May
Telework-proofing management with theater

How do you manage your team at a time when remote working has become the predominant way of working?

Let's try to answer this major question together, using the Forum Theatre method.

After a skit...

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Tuesday 18 May
[Webinar] "Be successful during your professional transition".

Some practical tips for managing your career transition

This webinar is aimed in particular at people who are considering a professional transition (whether they are in post or not), so that they...

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Tuesday 25 May
[Workshop] "Aligning your values and your professional life".

Methodological input, individual reflection and group discussion are on the agenda for this workshop to help you align your values with your daily professional life.

In this workshop :

- You will...

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Thursday 27 May
Webinar "LinkedIn MasterClass with Antoine Jambart

LinkedIn MasterClass with Antoine Jambart

One of France's leading practitioners in 2020

1h30 to access advanced best practices on LinkedIn in 2020

Concentrated winning practices:


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Tuesday 01 June
The art of management inspired by music / Introduction to Nudge Music Management,

ESSCA Alumni offers a new and original workshop led by Fréderic Parmentier (class of 90):

Theart of Management inspired by music

Tuesday June 1st from 1 pm to 2 pm

Looking for innovative ideas to...

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Club Life
Monday 03 May
Club Retail / "An hour with...Dominique Schelcher President of Système U".

ESSCA ALUMNI and the Retail et Grande Conso club, led by Stéphane Berton (class of '95) are pleased to invite you to the 2nd Rendezvous"An hour with..." for an open discussion on the situation we have...

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Thursday 06 May
Club Digital #9 - Speed Meeting

Encouraged by your loyalty, the Club Digital speed meeting format is expanding: Essca Alumni, Marc-Philippe Dubreuil ( Scoopitone - Promo 1985) and Louisa Mesnard (Elaia Partners - Promo 2014) are...

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Thursday 06 May
New start / New format for the Entrepreneurs' Club

Our network of alumni, strengthened by the values of the School, is made up of a large number of entrepreneurs, so we had to rekindle the flame of the Entrepreneurs' Club, which had been inactive for...

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Thursday 20 May
Club Retail/ "An hour with...Thibaut Bayart " President Chronodrive

ESSCA ALUMNI and the Retail et Grande Conso club, led by Stéphane Berton (class of '95), are pleased to invite you to the 3rd Rendezvous "An hour with..." for an open discussion on the situation...

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Friday 21 May
Launch of the Investors Club: Private equity with François Even

Escca Alumni is pleased to announce the launch of the Investors Club, a forum for exchange and learning between ESSCA teaching staff, the INCUB'ESSCA incubator and, of course, the ESSCA ALUMNI...

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