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Today, we're presenting 2 stories:

  • EPC, a start-up in the land of champagne! Edouard Roy, son and grandson of a winegrower, is banking on innovation and digital transformation to make his mark on the champagne market. Welcome to the world of epicureans!
  • Blandine Kötter (FC 2015), expatriate in Germany, shares her international experience and her view of France! Discover this portrait, which once again illustrates the diversity and creativity of ESSCA!

As you know, ESSCA is an independent school and is totally autonomous in its financing. The apprenticeship tax paid by companies represents between 10 and 20% of its operating budget. Investing in our students' future is a source of pride for us alumni, who are proud of our school and aware of what it has brought us! A video explains the usefulness and necessity of choosing ESSCA to pay it.

And still in preparation for the school's 111th anniversary, we're continuing our call for written testimonials to be distributed via our Newsletter or live broadcasts via our WebTV.

Enjoy your reading and the Ascension weekend.

Delphine de Ghellinck

What do you want to do?
What do you want to do ?
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EPC : la start-up qui modernise l'image du champagne


  What do you want to do ? New mailCopy   What do you want to do ? New mailCopy   What do you...

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Expatriation en Basse Saxe : Rencontre avec Blandine Kötter (FC 2015)

Nous avons échangé avec Blandine Kötter (FC 2015), expatriée en Allemagne

qui nous partage son...

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School life
L'ESSCA a besoin de vous !

 Nous avons jusqu’au 30 juin pour récolter la taxe d’apprentissage auprès des entreprises. 


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