3rd issue of our series with testimonials from Frédric Chaigne (90) LMWR and Maxime Julienne (10) Leasyt. Today we look at the world of communication.

Hello everyone!

A focus on service companies operating in the communications field for this final Newsletter of the week and its portrait gallery.

Frédéric Chaigne (class of 1990), Managing Director of LMWR, a communications group employing 85 people in Nantes and Paris, and Maxime Julienne (class of 2010) Founder and Managing Director of Leasyt, a Versailles-based agency offering exceptional and unusual locations in France for events, are our witnesses for the day.

They tell us how they have adapted to the health crisis.

This Newsletter is also a reminder of our call for written testimonials to be distributed via our Newsletter or live broadcasts via our WebTV. (If you would like to testify, please contact me: patrick.bouillet@essca.fr)

Last but not least, important information concerning the life of the association. In view of the great uncertainty surrounding the lifting of containment, we have decided to postpone the ESSCA Awards, the high point of the network's activities, from the originally planned June 4 to September 17. The venue, the Salon France Amériques, remains unchanged. You can register today here.

Enjoy your reading, and see you on Tuesday for N°4 and new testimonials and initiatives.

ESSCA is for life! (even in confinement!)

Patrick Bouillet

Managing Director
ESSCA Alumni

Pendant la crise... la communication continue !

Frédéric Chaigne (promo 1990) est Dirigeant associé du groupe de communication LMWR basé à Nantes et à Paris. Il nous fait un retour d'expérience des impacts de la crise sanitaire sur son activité....

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L'impact de la crise sur l'événementiel


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Une TV ESSCA Alumni hebdomadaire

Comme nous vous l'annoncions dans notre 1ère Newsletter "Spécial Corona", nous envisageons de...

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ESSCA Awards: new date, September 17
Thursday 17 September


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