Careers stopped being linear a long time ago but successive crises (in politics, economics, security, health…) have reinforced the need for all of us executives to develop greater adaptability.

Adaptability can be developed with high-quality support : Coaching by ESSCA Alumni.

To fulfil one of our main aims, being by your side throughout your professional and personal life, we recommend to you excellent coaches that we have meticulously selected among the overabundant supply in the French market.




The areas of expertise of Coaches by ESSCA Alumni :

  • Career Management (skills assessment, career changes, managing bouncebacks whether they were intended or not…


  • Leader Support (company takeover, crisis management, reorganisation, merger, transmission…)


  • Taking up a position (quickly grasping and understanding a company’s culture and codes, mistakes to avoid whilst taking up a post, swiftly gaining legitimacy with one’s teams and hierarchy...)


  • Management Support (dealing with toxic co-workers, asserting one’s leadership, knowing oneself better to manage others better,...)

These areas align with the most frequent requests we receive. If you have a specific request, we will direct you to the relevant coach.


Why choose Coaches by ESSCA Alumni :

All the coaches we recommend have been selected using a meticulous screening process which included reference checks.

Very often, our coaches are themselves (although not only) ESSCA alumni and all of them are truly fond of our ESSCA community, they offer extremely advantageous conditions to alumni negotiated in agreement with the organisation.


ESSCA Alumni helps co-finance sessions up to a maximum of 5 sessions


The remaining amount for alumni :

60 €/per session for contributing members (for a total of 300 € for 5 sessions, ESSCA Alumni covers a part of the coach’s fee)

120 €/per session for non-contributors (for a total of 600 € for 5 sessions, ESSCA Alumni covers a part of the coach’s fee).


Sessions can happen in person or on Skype.


To take advantage of this opportunity :

1. read the biographies of our coaches below to “choose” the one that would be best suited for you.

2. contact us to create your file and receive our agreement to cover the cost.

3. once you receive our agreement, get in touch with your coach to schedule your sessions.

Gregoire de Lasteyrie

Promo 2000

Paris & RP

Remote coaching possible

Anne-Violaine Pattier

Promo 2001


Remote coaching possible

Eric Damour

Paris & RP

Remote coaching possible


Sophie Lauras

Promo 1998

Nantes & region Ouest

Remote coaching possible

Sophie Lictevout

Promo 1996


Remote coaching possible

Emilie Guibert

Promo 1992


Remote coaching possible

Isabelle Moreau

Promo 1981


Remote coaching possible

Marion Guiset

Promo 2006


Remote coaching possible

Laetitia du Doré

Promo 2001


Remote coaching possible

Amélie Le Berrigaud

Promo 2000


Remote coaching possible

Anne-Sophie Hugues


Gabrielle de La Bigne

Promo 1999


Remote coaching possible


Cécile Hémery

Promo 2004


Remote coaching possible

Maud Lefebvre

Promo 2007


Remote coaching possible