2nd issue of our newsletter series dedicated to the initiatives of our alumni during this troubled period

Hello everyone!

In this fourth week of confinement, we continue our portrait gallery.

Today, it's the turn of Stéphane Blanc (class of 1998), Purchasing Director at Picard, to share his experience of managing his frozen food distribution company during this health crisis.

The school is also getting involved, offering you a 1-month opportunity to find out how to structure and build an innovative project, by taking its award-winning Mooc Creative Box(FREE!). For further information and registration, see the following Newsletter.

In Friday's edition, we announced our intention to set up online alumni testimonials and streaming of video modules proposed by the community.

To help youfind out more about this initiative, you can follow the daily programs created by our partner"Videoflex" on their Youtube channel. For more information, see the next section of this newsletter.

Finally, this newsletter is an opportunity to pay tribute to Catherine Patier-Charbonnier (88), a lecturer at ESSCA and head ofInnoview. It was she who cameup with the idea of these regular testimonials on behalf of her company innoview.

She initiated this approach at the very start of the crisis, and was able to

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Au coeur de la crise : Stéphane Blanc (promo 1998), Directeur des Achats chez Picard Surgelés

Interview de Stéphane BLANC (promo 1998), Directeur des Achats chez Picard Surgelés.

Faisant partie...

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Témoignage d'Alain Liault (76)


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Lancez votre activité innovante grâce au Mooc Creative Box

Ces périodes de confinement peuvent être l'opportunité de réfléchir au lancement d'une nouvelle...

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Une TV ESSCA Alumni hebdomadaire

Comme nous vous l'annoncions dans notre 1ère Newsletter "Spécial Corona", nous envisageons de...

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